The house of the moonlight Knight

Aka The mind of Isaac.

Isaac Zich
1 February
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Well if you want to contect me the best way is AIM. the second is email. yahoo messanger is a bit of a long shot. I'm 24 years old and happily commited in a relationship to libbyva . I recently (last 3 months) moved to richmond va.

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User Number: 387773
Date Created:2001-11-07
Number of Posts: 117

Isaac is a Phantom Poster. Sometimes he makes a post every day for a month, yet on the other hand, sometimes he dissapears for monhts at a time
Strengths: hard to piss off, Works best under pressure, determined, and l33t n3k1d sk1llz.
Weaknesses: once angered, very little except blood can saite him
Special Skills: Mad imporvization skills, mad sandwich skills, mad computer skills.
Weapons: I AM a weapon
devotion: COmpletly and totatally devoted to the love of his life LibbyVa

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